How YOU can be part of the climate movement now

It is an exciting time for climate action in Canada.

In February, Ontario saw the release of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change’s 2015 Discussion Paper, a document that sets high standards for the province’s low-carbon future.

In March, a group of 60+ scientists and academics from around the country did the math and predicted that Canada could be entirely powered by renewables by 2035.

Coming up on April 11, a massive climate march is being organized in Quebec City coinciding with a meeting of the premiers, set to focus on climate change and the national energy strategy.

It has been incredible to watch the climate movement grow through the collective support of individuals, but there is still a long way to go. To ensure continued momentum, we have to let the Ontario government and provincial governments across the country know that we support effective climate policy.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Have your say on the Climate Change Discussion Paper

Submit your comments on the province’s climate plan through the Ontario Environmental Registry (click “Submit Comment” on the right side) by March 29 telling the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change that you support putting a price on carbon and building a low-carbon economy.

Some key messages to include:

  • There is no need for an increase in GHG emissions in the electricity sector. Instead of increasing gas-fired generation, we can continue to develop renewable energy.
  • Renewable energy will grow increasingly valuable as we strive for deeper and deeper emissions reductions. It can help de-carbonize heating and cooling and even become an important source of power for electrified transportation.
  • Renewable energy will make our communities more climate resilient by producing power where and when it is needed.
  • Citizen involvement is critical and the community power model serves as tested approach to local support and investment in a low carbon economy – this model needs to be strengthened and expanded.
  • We need a strong carbon pricing policy that gets results and sends clear market signals.

2. Get involved on April 11

Join in on April 11 in Quebec City to lend your voice to thousands of others demanding change in our provincial and national energy systems. Can’t be there in person? Share your support with the help of these resources.

3. Support renewable energy development in your community

Head on over to our Take Action page for more ways to make a difference.


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