4 reasons to celebrate Earth Hour this Saturday

This Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm, is Earth Hour 2015. Here’s why you should participate:

1. Education

Sitting in the dark or by candlelight for an entire hour is a great opportunity to talk with your friends and family about climate change and the importance of energy, especially conservation and renewable energy. Prepare yourself using these resources.

2. Disconnecting

If you’re like many of us, an enormous part of your day is spent plugged in, online, in front of a screen. We rarely have opportunities for true peace and quiet, without the distraction of cell phones and social media. Try putting the gadgets away and shutting down the electronics, you might like it so much you make it a habit!

3. Participating in something bigger

Earth Hour is symbolic in terms of energy savings, but symbols are important. They can convey a common desire to make change in the world. By participating in Earth Hour you are joining together with hundreds of millions around the globe who are standing up against climate change.

4. Earth Hour events

If you’re not interested in staying home, you’re in luck- there are lots of exciting Earth Hour events happening in cities all over the world. Here are some favourites from Toronto:

See more events on https://www.timescape.io/earth-hour-2015

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