Starter Kit

One of the primary motivations for building this website was to encourage community leaders across Canada and around the world to start their own sustainable energy initiative.

The documents listed on this page are provided as a resource for you. Please adapt them to suit your own situation.

If you show continued committment to organizing your own community project, this website can serve as a resource for communicating with your neighbours and the media.

Please use this contact form to submit requests for establishing your own portal.

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Useful Resources

A Simple form to collect information from people at a community event or meeting.
  • Our Power Sign Up Form.doc
  • Thoughts and comments from Ron McKay about starting your own community initiative.
  • RISE Starting and Promoting the Project.doc
  • Original Press Release announcing the intentions of RISE.
  • RISE Original Press Release.doc
  • Sign-up sheet used at community events and door-to-door campaigns.
  • RISE_Solar Purchase.pdf
  • Bid and Terms sent to various Solar vendors.
  • RISE Bid and Terms.doc
  • Press Release to announce the public meeting to present the winning bid.
  • RISE Press Release Public Meeting.doc
  • Speech given by Ron McKay at the RISE public meeting.
  • RISE Intro Speech.doc