Dave Ullrich
Riverdale, Toronto, Ontario

When was your system installed?June 2006
What size is your system?2 KW grid-tied PV system with ten 195 watt Sanyo solar cells
Where were they installed?The system was installed on our residential home with a flat roof. We have an older home that was built in the 1920’s. The inverter was tied into our standard electrical panel without any necessary adjustments.
What was the rough cost of your system?$17,000
Highest daily output?So far, we’ve seen as high as 12 KW for one day.
Why did you decided to install solar panels on your roof?We have been interested in solar power for years and the opportunity to join a buyers group with RISE made the decision easy for us. The fact that gridtied technology is now fairly common means that we could install such a system quickly and contribute to what we hope will be 50% of our yearly power needs. Grid-tied systems do not require any infrastructure for battery backup and they very efficiently contribute excess power back to the grid.
What was your most exciting ‘solar moment’?Watching our electricity meter run backwards right on the first day was amazing! You see that and you know you are doing something very cool.
What tips would you have for someone considering purchasing such a system for their home?Aesthetics are important. We live in the city and our goal was to try and minimize the visual impact of the system in our neighbourbood. As a result, we tried to make the layout of the system fit both with the amount of space on our roof and the view from the street. I think it is really important to work with your contractor to review your layout options and really consider the view from the neighbourhood. Some older homes may have less than ideal mount points for south-facing panel arrays, so you should consider all the possibilities.
Take a shot a trying to convince others why they should also purchase a solar system for their home.Well, here goes. We believe that a homeowner that spends, say, $20,000 on solar panels will increase the value of their home considerably, and probably by as much as $10-15,000. While you live in your home, your electicity bills are cut significantly. If you decide to move, you will be a selling a home that comes with free power for years to come. That premium commands value in the marketplace, and your home will be priced accordingly. The best part of all is that you are doing the right thing for your family now and well into the future.