Economic Benefits of Wind Energy in Ontario

The following is a guest post from our partner CanWEA, which discusses the various ways in which Ontario’s wind energy procurements are contributing to the province’s economy by attracting investments in the industry and creating local employment opportunities.

Wind energy paying dividends in Ontario

Every day, more than 300 locals head to work at the Siemens wind turbine blade plant on Clearview Drive in the southwestern Ontario town of Tillsonburg. The plant, which thrives in what was once a mothballed auto parts factory, is one of the most tangible examples of the benefits wind energy development has brought to the province. As a new economic impact analysis plainly demonstrates, however, it is not the only one.

Earlier this year, CanWEA commissioned Toronto-based Compass Renewable Energy Consulting to delve into the contribution the wind energy industry is making to Ontario’s economy. We knew we had a good story to tell, and felt that being able to put firm numbers to the jobs and investment our industry has brought to the province would help us tell that story better.

What we found is that the value proposition wind brings to Ontario is considerable. As stories go, it’s a real blockbuster… Read more on CanWEA’s blog

Read the executive summary of the study here.

Read the full report here.

Header image source: CanWEA’s blog

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