Local perspectives on energy: Pelee Island

Islands have always been fascinating locations for energy ingenuity, and Pelee Island is no different. In this guest blog, Aaron Barter and Julia Zeeman describe the community’s openness to and need for energy innovation.

How can rural communities play a leadership role in designing their energy future?

What is the impact of community energy resource ownership on economic development?

The Advanced Energy Centre (AEC) and Studio Y visited Pelee Island in March to hear local perspectives around energy and economic development. We returned to MaRS inspired by the creativity and strength within this rural remote community.

With only 150 permanent residents, and a local economy in transition from agriculture to tourism – the importance of meaningful economic development in Pelee Island is clear. The Island is Canada’s southernmost community, so it may come as a surprise that access to Pelee Island is limited to fly-in only in the winter. During the busy tourist season, residents and visitors rely on a ferry.

As a convener of community stakeholders, utilities and innovators, the AEC strives to enable new energy sector dialogue focused on innovative clean and low-cost solutions. With Studio Y, we’re testing a new process that starts with consultation and sharing knowledge, before starting to design solutions. … Read more at MaRS Advanced Energy Centre’s blog

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