RISE - The Riverdale Initiative for Solar Energy - was honoured with a Green Toronto Award for Energy Conservation during a ceremony at City Hall May 1, 2007.

What started out as a small volunteer project by a local artist to bring his community and the Ontario sustainable energy industry together for a bulk purchase of Solar PV Panels continues to ripple out and spark the interest and inspiration of all levels of government, local utilities, sustainable energy companies and organizations, as well as individuals and organizing groups from neighbourhood communities across the GTA.

Thanks to the City of Toronto, The Green Toronto Awards (www.toronto.ca/greentorontoawards ) and to Category Award Sponsor AutoShare (www.autoshare.com)

Acknowledgement and thanks to those who encouraged, assisted and worked in partnership along the way:

The RISE steering/selection committee: Paul Charbonneau, Daniel Larocque, Suzanne McCormick, Susan Crofts and Sharon Howarth.

Councillor Paula Fletcher, Toronto Danforth - Ward 30 and Toronto Danforth MPP Peter Tabuns.

The steering committee of OurPower, the umbrella organization of community-based sustainable energy projects: Jed Goldberg, Scott Snowden, Dave Ullrich and Gregory Lang

The Solar PV partnership of Solera Sustainable Energies Company and Leonard Allen, President (www.soleraenergies.com)

The participating residents and interested homeowners in the east-end of Toronto who believe in - and continue to work toward - a vision of a green, sustainable energy plan for the City of Toronto.

Ron McKay

Photo taken by: City of Toronto
Left to Right: Kevin McLaughlin of AutoShare. Ron McKay, Mayor David Miller, Ward 30 City Councillor Paula Fletcher, Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone.

Welcome To the RISE Homepage!

This is where it all started.

Announcement: 4 July 2022

4 Kilowatt solar solutions have been installed, 5 more are underway. One Solar Adoptee saw the utility meter go backwards on day one.

The balance of systems are scheduled for installation over the next few months and much accommodation is being made for summer schedules and vacations. The longer than expected time frame for this project has been the result of the combined factors of process adjustments in Solera's new partnership with Compower, increasing demand for solar solutions from the general public, shipment delays from the manufacturer, consideration of the SOC information and timing, and implementation of a financing mechanism for many participants. we are now installing about 2 RISE homes per week, and this will soon increase.

34 kilowatt Solar Solutions Sold
RISE SOLAR SOLUTIONS will produce about 1,260 MEGAWATT Hours of electricity
This represents over 630,000 Kilograms of Coal not being burned
This displaces the emission of over:




  • 1,070 TONNES of CO2
  • 4 TONNES of Nitrogen Oxide
  • 4.5 TONNES of Sulphur Dioxide
  • 1.5 TONNES of particulate
    And is equivalent to:
  • Removing 68 cars from the road, or
  • Planting 11 Acres of trees

    In Addition, there are 37 kilowatt Solar Solutions still being considered by RISE participants
    If all of these are adopted, they will produce an additional 1,350 MEGAWATT Hours of electricity
    This represents over 685,000 Kilograms of Coal not being burned
    This displaces the emission of over:
  • 1,100 TONNES of CO2
  • 4.5 TONNES of Nitrogen Oxide
  • 5 TONNES of Sulphur Dioxide
  • 1.5 TONNES of particulate
    And is equivalent to:
  • Removing 74 cars from the road, or
  • Planting 12 Acres of trees

    Each Tonne of cement used in the construction of a nuclear facility contributes 1 tonne of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Many other materials are also used in construction that also contribute pollutants to the air. Nuclear facility operation results in a large volume of cars and trucks on the road every day. Nuclear waste storage facilities also require a large volume of cement and remain surrounded by high uncertainty regarding containment and potential impact on the environment.

    Solera Solar Solution financing is now available, and a 1 kilowatt solution can cost as little as $ 124.00 per month -about the cost of one Latte per day and some of that will be offset by the Standard Offer Contract amounts of about $40/month. There are also mechanisms available to lower the interest rate. Anyone interested should contact their Sustainable Energy Consultant to complete the application process. TERMS: zero down, 60 month term, 120 month amortization, at 8.25%, OAC.


    The Ontario Power Authority will release a draft SOC at the end of July. The OPA's delay in the release of the contracts is being met with the acceptance that over the 35 years of solar solution production twenty of those years will be covered by the contracts and whether the period begins today or in the near future the net value of the solution is the same.

    I met with the Energy Minister's EA responsible for the energy file. The government and Minister are absolutely dedicated to ensuring that this is going to be handled logically in the promotion of sustainable solutions. I provided the Minister with an interim SOC model that would use the calculated Engineered Annual Yield as the Solution Yield and payment basis, eliminating the need for a second meter, and bypassing data collection and administration costs. This was met with extreme enthusiasm.

    I was informed that they are examining mechanisms to allow individuals to draw from their RRSP's without penalty in order to finance their own Solar Solution. We also discussed the SOC payment processes and my recommendation that SOC payments be categorized as a Consumption Credit on the utility bill was again met with great enthusiasm.

    The Ministry indicated that while long term planning and electricity security required the inclusion of nuclear in the current model, they are hopeful that through the successful participation of RISE-like citizens in the SOC and other measures, Ontario may see ZERO new Nuclear facilities.

    I am very optimistic about the model being developed by the OPA, as a very reliable participant in the process has indicated that small solutions will likely be exempt from almost all licensing and permitting processes.

    Thanks, Gregory.
    Solera Engergies





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