MicroFIT Application Process


The Best Way Through the MicroFIT Process

The OPA has outlined the MicroFIT project development process on its website which can be accessed here. Our Power outlines the key steps and recommendations from our experience below (structure taken from the OPA's September 30, 2021 microFIT Program Overview).


Step 1: Submitting an application

a. Register to create your own “My microFIT homepage

b. Create and submit an application for your microFIT project

c. Receive a “conditional offer of microFIT contract”.


Step 2: Getting connected

a. Discuss connection options with your local distribution company

- As of May 28, 2022 the Ontario Energy Board has dictated that all connections to the grid will be made "in parallel" format on the grid side of the import meter.

b. Submit a connection request form to your local distribution company

- A sample connection agreement from Toronto Hydro is available here. Connection requirements are governed by Ontario Energy Board regulation and therefore will be almost identical for any LDC in Ontario. Ensure that your LDC agreement meets these requirements.

c. Ensure the system you are installing complies with the microFIT program domestic (Ontario) content requirements.

- Systems under a microFIT contract must contain 40% Ontario content if installed before January 1, 2011. After this date systems must contain 60% Ontario content. Click here for a domestic content checklist.

d. Install your project after receiving all approvals and permits

- For Solar PV some municipalities require a building permit, check with your local building department. No other permits are required.

e. Complete an electrical safety inspection of your project

f. Work with your local distribution company to finalize your connection and


Step 3: Accepting your contract

a. Receive a microFIT contract offer notification from the OPA

- Log in to your My microFIT homepage, review the microFIT contract offer and choose to accept and execute the contract, following the instructions provided.