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1 Introduction

1.1 So you want to Go Solar?

1.2 Is Solar Energy Right for Me?

1.3 What the Government of Ontario is doing to help

1.4 The Low Down on Ontario's Energy Players

1.5 Kilo-what? kW vs. kWh & Why it Matters

2 Are we Solar Ready?

2.1 Conduct a Solar Audit of Your Home

2.2 Learn What a Solar System Can Do For You

2.2.1 What Can a Solar Water Heater Do For Me?

2.2.2 What Can a Solar Pool Heater Do For Me?

2.2.3 What Can a Photovoltaic (PV) System Do For Me?

2.3 Making the Investment

2.3.1 Costs and Benefits

2.3.2 The Value of Solar

3 What Do I need to Do?

3.1 First Steps

3.2 Perform an ecoENERGY Audit

3.3 Do Your Research

3.4 How to Choose an Installer

3.5 How to Get Permits & Inspections

3.5.1 A list of permits, approvals and inspections needed and short description:

4 Planning Ahead- What is Available For Solar Homes?

4.1 Incentives & Rebates

4.1.1 Government Rebates for Solar Hot Water

4.2 Provincial Retail Sales Tax Rebate

4.3 Standard Offer Contract for Photovoltaic Systems

4.4 Net Metering versus Standard Offer Contract

4.5 Challenges You May Run Into

4.5.1 Connecting to the Grid

5 Who to consult for Advice?

5.1 Resources

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