Nola McConnan
East York, Toronto, Ontario

When was your system installed?June 2006
What size is your system?It is a basic 1 Kw system, without storage.
Where were they installed?They are installed close to the peak of the south facing sloped roof of a typical two bedroom East York bungalow built in 1948. There is a new two story house to the south that will partially shade the roof but not the panels in winter.
What was the rough cost of your system?The cost of the system installed taxes in +/- $10,000.00
Highest daily output?The highest daily output has been 6 Kw. (We are low users. I think we're netting +1.5 Kw per day)
Why did you decided to install solar panels on your roof?purchased the house in 1984. Major considerations, the roof orientation, clear sight lines to the sun, bungalow neighbourhood. It was just a matter of time and money before the panels went on. I have been a solar supporter since the late '50s with the launch of the first weather and communication satellites with their tiny photo voltaic cells.
What was your most exciting ‘solar moment’?The most exciting moment, watching the meter come to a halt and start going backwards of course!
What tips would you have for someone considering purchasing such a system for their home?Buy and or build with the installation of solar panels in mind. Do solar hot water too. Make the angulation optimal for energy output, not aesthetics.
Take a shot a trying to convince others why they should also purchase a solar system for their home.Do it Now! This is a utility. Unlike cell phone charges or gas bills, this one is not a black hole of cost. Solar gives back in the same way that compound interest does. I've paid for this power and will watch as my energy cost flat-lines in the summer and rises way more slowly than that of my energy hog neighbours in winter. This is a silent partner that can employ a vast army of Canadians locally for installation, construction and maintainance, nationally for manufacture. It eliminates or at least reduces the need for environmentally and agriculturally unfriendly transmission corridors.