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Find out what's going on with the Our Power initiative in your community.

Our Power is an organization with a proven track record of helping communities drive the growth of installed solar energy capacity. Community groups can use this website to plan a professional renewable energy project, get experienced advice and access a comprehensive toolkit continually updated by stakeholders in the community power sector using a wiki platform. The site also allows individuals to share information with their neighbours and other groups as well as keep up to date on community power development in a blog-style approach.

Community Project Toolkit

One of the primary motivations for building this website was to encourage community leaders in Ontario, across Canada and around the world to start their own sustainable energy initiative.

Years of experience successfully developing and installing community solar projects in Southern Ontario have informed this suggested project development plan. Linked to each heading are specific tools to facilitate and simplify each project step. Please adapt them to suit your own situation and contribute to the continual improvement of materials using the Our Power wiki,

1. Why Pursue a Community-Based Solar Project?

Community-based Solar Projects offer homeowners and small businesses a chance to drive the growth of the renewable energy sector in Ontario while adding value to their home or business.  The following is a description of how Our Power helps to facilitate this:

Thoughts and comments from RISE project leader Ron McKay about starting your own community initiative:

Sign-up sheet used at community events and door-to-door campaigns to collect contact information.


2. Starting Your Own Project
3. Vendor Selection Process
4. Follow Up Meeting with Vendor Offers
5. Help Finalize Contracts