Discovering renewable energy all around us

On Sunday, September 27th, a group of 20 Torontonians joined me at Humewood Park for Stories of Renewable Energy: A Neighbourhood Walk of St. Clair West.

With the sun shining bright, participants got a beautiful view of solar PV systems, solar hot water heaters, geothermal sites, and more. We also talked about the history of renewables, what the City of Toronto is doing to promote renewables and energy efficiency. Residents shared their stories demonstrating that going green is not only great for the planet, it can save a lot of money too.

Between each stop, participants had the chance to chat about their experience with renewables and discover what their neighbours are doing to promote sustainability in their communities. Everyone was astounded at all of the renewable energy in such a small area, right under their noses (or above their heads).

At the end of the walk, we talked about all of the opportunities for individuals to get involved in renewable energy in their communities. You can learn more about those options right here on Our Power - it can be as easy as sharing renewable energy stories and news with your family and friends, or joining a renewable co-op, or installing solar on your own home. As we saw on Sunday, the renewable energy transition is not just happening - in many places, it’s already here.

Four organizations made this walk possible, and are great resources for more information:

TREC/Our Power

Toronto Renewable Energy Network

Green Neighbours 21


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