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Start a community project in your neighborhood with the help of Our Power.

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Find out what's going on with the Our Power initiative in your community.


One of the primary motivations for building this website was to encourage community leaders in Ontario, across Canada and around the world to start their own sustainable energy initiative.

The documents listed on this page are provided as a resource for you. Please adapt them to suit your own situation.

If you show continued committment to organizing your own community project, this website can serve as a resource for communicating with your neighbours and the media.

Please Take the Lead and give us your email address using the box to the right.

Solar System Pricing Information

This pricing information is from recent bid prices in Ontario and is current for Fall 2008.  It provides an idea of the costs of various systems currently on the market.  Solar systems are a good long term investment but they are a significant investment.

Our Power Update at World Wind Energy Conference 2008
Incentives and Rebates