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The renewable energy landscape in Ontario has changed dramatically with the Feed-In Tariff program.

Turning your home into a solar power generator is different than simply being a power consumer. Our Power makes the process easy and the wiki format on our website allows solar stakeholders to continually update the content to reflect new ideas and best practices.

Feed-In Tariff Program

  Feed-In Tariffs: Driving Renewable Energy Investment 

Ontario's new Feed-In Tariff program is the most agressive renewable energy policy in North America and will make investments in renewable energy and community power projects competitive with conventional long term investments.

The program offers additional funding for community power projects, giving every Ontarian the opportunity to invest in renewable energy projects in their local communities.  The microFIT program is the specific program category that covers residential rooftop solar installations.  

Follow the links below for:

Background on the program

Full microFIT program rules

A sample microFIT contract

Our Power's simplified guide to getting a microFIT contract

Our Power offers a simplified guide to participating in the FIT program as well as links to the full Ontario Power Authority (OPA) full version of the rules and    

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