Video: Introducing the Renewable Energy Transition

If you’re not already aware, communities in Canada and all over the world are gearing up for the shift to an energy system that is more sustainable and better for our planet. In an effort to help Canadians be better equipped for the changes that are coming, Our Power is creating a set of resources that will help increase energy literacy among Canadians as well as educate about critical action steps that will further accelerate these changes.

Ontario is at the crossroads between a shift to a greener energy system, and maintaining an obsolete energy system that is rigid and unsustainable for our planet. Our Power’s goal and vision is to help Ontarians learn about the best options for their health and for the well-being of our environment. We hope to create a community of engaged and educated citizens who will be motivated to mobilize and push for positive changes in greening our energy supply, by taking individual action and collectively influencing our energy policies.


Stay tuned for the launch of Our Power’s complete video series in the upcoming weeks!

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