Xantrex GT Grid tie inverters have a factory setting of a maximum 260 Volts- since they must “read “ the grid electricity, and then provide IDENTICAL electricity in order to minimize harmonics etc., there must be a maximum and a minimum. They are actually wider than the Toronto Hydro terms of service voltage ranges.

Toronto Hydro voltage range (page 44 of the Toronto hydro conditions of service)- normal operating voltages-110/220-125/250. Extreme operating conditions are 106/212- 127/254.
They state that when voltages lie outside normal, but within extreme, corrective action will take place on a planned basis. Outside of the “extreme” range corrective action shall take place on an emergency basis.

There is no reason for an inverter manufacturer to design an inverter that would work on a voltage that the LDC would consider emergency work to fix. It is much more cost effective to engineer in a safety off switch than to design it to run at all voltages.

Info courtesy of David Watts, Solera Sustainable Energies
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