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Topham Park Eco Team Launches Community Retrofit Project

12 May 2022

The Topham 10 Community Retrofit Project is an initiative of the Topham Park Eco Team (TPET) designed to reduce green house gas emissions in 10 Topham Park homes.  The Eco Team is committed to enhance the knowledge and awareness of all Topham Park home owners which will ideally inspire other green house gas reduction projects in Toronto.  The Topham Park Eco Team will provide assistance and co-ordination to ten local home owners who are committed to the deep energy retrofit of their homes to approach near zero net emissions.

 This project will be managed by the Topham Park Eco Team in cooperation with Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative (TREC) and has been funded by the Live Green Toronto Fund of the City of Toronto. Funds will be used to provide incentives for the installation of solar PV panels to move project homes towards becoming near zero energy homes - homes that produce as much energy as they use.

  The Eco Team will use 12 Topham Road (The Now House home) as an example to other home owners how to reduce energy consumption. The Now House accomplishments inspired the Topham 10 Eco Team to launch this project.


One of the biggest environmental challenges in Toronto is to improve the energy efficiency of existing housing.  Through this project TPET and TREC will assist in expanding the knowledge base that existing home owners in Topham Park, Toronto and Canada require to inspire and empower them to reduce GHG.


Building on the successful Now House model, the Topham 10 Community Retrofit Project is committed to an approach that relies on:

 ·         The engagement of the community

·         Promoting an integrated design approach to whole house system design for long term greener results

·         Dissemination of the success story through community education and events and the media


Stay tuned for our public launch date and more information on our selection process and criteria.