A rooftop solar PV system requires a Feed-In Tariff contract, grid interconnection agreement and insurance, all issues that are much less hassle if resolved before installing your system. The links below make these tasks easy and ensure there is no surprise paperwork!

Feed-In Tariff Contract

The 20-year contract to sell your electricity to the Ontario Power Authority is the most important paperwork item for a solar PV investor. A simplified version of the contract is offered to small rooftop solar systems less than 10 kW in size and is called a MicroFIT contract. The link below outlines the few steps of acquiring this contract.

MicroFIT Application Process

Grid Connection

Connecting to the grid is still a very new idea for utilities and many have no experience with connecting PV. The MicroFIT contract defines the process for grid connection, however choosing the right type of physical connection can save homeowners costs and details are outlined below.

Grid Connection Type
Grid Voltage and Inverter Limits


Like above, most insurance companies are unfamiliar with PV. Fortunately, some of Our Power's early adopters have been able to reassure insurers of the low risks associated with PV. Their advice is available here

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