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RISE Again - New PV Pricing + Great news for Early Adopters

10 Nov 2021

Existing RESOP and Net Metering Qualifies for FIT!

For those of you who are already connected and have a contract with the Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program (RESOP), there is great news....

You are eligible to transfer to a Feed In Tariff contract!


Applications must be submitted by November 30!!

Solar PV - New Pricing

Sun Volts has been able to negotiate new pricing for a solar electric system.  Get a new system today and start putting solar to work for you with the new FIT program!


Solar Hot Water

Still interested in a solar hot water system?  Please read a special letter about the expanded availability and application deadlines.  Incentives are now available to Wards 29,30,31,32. The is a program deadline of December 18.

RISE Again

11 November 2021


Switch from RESOP to FIT

New Pricing for Solar PV


Special letter to RISE Again participants about Solar Hot Water.

There's never been a better time to get solar system!


Down a bit further, there's a link right at the bottom which will take you off the list.

Our Power




System Pricing & Steps to Going Solar

02 Jun 2022

Upcoming Community Meetings

Ralph Thornton Centre
765 Queen St E

Wednesday June 3
Tuesday June 9


Vendor Presentations
Q & A

Both meetings are the same.


Recently the recommended Vendors have been announced for RISE Again. 

System Pricing

Pricing Sheets are now available for RISE Again participants.

Installation Steps

Here are the steps to follow for getting a solar system!

Solar Thermal (Hot Water)

  1. Complete the Self Evaluation Checklist
  2. Get an ecoEnergy Audit done.
    Windfall Ecology Centre: (416) 465 6333
  3. Submit completed Self Evaluation Checklist along with $120 Refundable Application Fee Payable to: Solar Ontario Ltd.
    Submit to: RISE Again, 138 Hamilton St, M4M 2E1
  4. Solar Ontario will be in contact to schedule a site visit and confirm installation details
  5. Installation is scheduled and performed by Solar Ontario
  6. Closing Checklist completed by Solar Ontario and final rebate forms submitted

Solar Photovoltaic (Electricity)

  1.  Contact Sun Volts to schedule a FREE home inspection.
    [email protected]
    or, (647)449-7227
  2. A representative from Sun Volts will contact you, come to your house and discuss the suitability of installing solar panels.
  3. Systems are installed and activated by Sun Volts
  4. Feed-In-Tariff applications will also be completed by Sun Volts

A self evaluation check-list is also available for Solar PV if you'd first like to get a general idea of the suitability of solar panels for your house.



RISE Again - Community Meetings and Events

19 May 2022

Upcoming Community Events

Apologies if you receive this message more than once. We're working through some recent website upgrades.

In this note we're announcing a few important dates for you to come out and learn more about how to get started with a solar installation.

A Solar Affair in Withrow Park Saturday May 23: 10am - 1pm Withrow Park (Click for Map)

The Toronto Solar Neighbourhoods Initiative is hosting
"A Solar Affair in Withrow Park".  Come drop by the RISE Again table. Meet and talk to our recommended vendors Solar Ontario and Sun Volts to learn more about their systems.

RISE Again Vendor Information Nights
Wednesday June 3: 7-9pm
Tuesday June 9: 7-9pm
Ralph Thornton Centre (Upstairs)
765 Queen St East (Click for Map)

Both nights will be the exact same format.  This will be an opportunity for Solar Ontario and Sun Volts to present the details and pricing for their systems.

Installation Sign-up

  • Sign-up sheets will be available on the website soon.
  • Sign-up sheets will be available at ALL of the above sessions also.

What will be the price of the systems?

This information will be released as soon as we have it.  The final system pricing is still being confirmed for the solar hot water systems.
  • Backflow Prevention -  One of the hurdles that the RISE Again steering committee has been working through is the requirement for Solar Hot Water systems to have backflow prevention devices.  This is a new requirement and as such the pricing for these components and the required inspection are still being sorted out.

Green Energy Act Becomes Law

  • Green Energy Act - The Green Energy Act became a law on May 14, 2009. This important piece of legislation paves the way for dramatic increases to the subsidies available for Solar.  Proposed rates for generating electricity with a solar system are now at $0.80 / kilowatt-hour.  These rebates still need to be approved, but are anticipated to be available very soon. More info:

Additional Links of Interest

RISE Again

18 May 2022

Important Dates for Community Events

  • May 23: 10am-1pm (Withrow Park)
  • June 3: 7-9pm
    (Ralph Thornton Centre)
  • June 9: 7-9pm
    (Ralph Thornton Centre)

What's In This Email?

  • Upcoming Community Events
  • Installation Sign-up
  • What will be the price of the systems?
  • Green Energy Act Becomes Law

What's Next?

  • Come out to a community meeting.
  • Stay tuned for Sign-up to start (very soon)!

Solar Neighbourhoods

RISE Again is working in cooperation with the Toronto Solar Neighbourhoods project pilot program in Ward 30.

More information:

What if I DO NOT LIVE in Ward 30?

Participation with RISE Again is NOT limited to the Ward 30 area.  Both Solar Ontario and Sun Volts are happy to provide service to anyone.

Certain financial incentives for Solar Hot Water are available to residents of Ward 30 through the city's pilot program.

However, recent increases in Federal and Provincial rebates provide a very compelling situation for EVERYONE to get a Solar Hot Water System.

Additional increase in the rebate for Solar PV systems are available across the province for anyone installing Solar electric systems.

There's never been a better time to get solar system!


Down a bit further, there's a link right at the bottom which will take you off the list.

Our Power



Mayor Miller and Councillor Fletcher Support RISE Again

18 May 2022


Mayor David Miller and Councillor Paula Fletcher at a press conference on May 12 to announce the Toronto Solar Neighbourhoods Initiative.  Thanks especially to Councillor Fletcher for for promoting RISE Again!  Rob McMonagle from the Toronto Energy Efficiency office was also in attendance (right).


RISE Again Vendor Recommendations

28 Apr 2022

RISE Again Vendor Selection is Complete

RISE Again is pleased to announce that the following vendors have been invited to partner with us on our community solar project:

Solar PV: Sun Volts Unlimited

Solar Hot Water: Solar Ontario Ltd.

Both vendors were chosen based on the collective decision of the steering committee and among other criteria, they were evaluated based on system price, capacity to install, system type, location and interest shown towards working with a community group.

Pricing and project planning details will be announced shortly.

Next Steps

  • Pricing and system information will be released soon - stay tuned
  • Community Meetings will be announced in May to provide more information
  • Sign-ups will start at the same time as the community meetings happen

We want to coordinate the sign-ups and installation schedules, so for now please don't contact the vendors directly.

Special Thanks

There was a tremendous response to our Request for Proposals and I'd like to thank all the vendors who took the time and showed interest in responding.

Additionally, I'd like to thank the members of the steering committee who were involved in this selection process: Susan Crofts, Gord Fraser, Gord Dimitrieff, Ian Small, Claudia Duggan, Ken Traynor



There's Never Been A Better Time To Go Solar!

01 Apr 2022

RISE Again had an unprecedented total of 12 vendors respond to the RFP with a combined total of 41 different PV or Solar Thermal systems for consideration!

FIT Program:
$0.80 / kwh

ecoEnergy SDHW Rebate:
$1250 from the Federal Gov

Needless to say, it has taken some time to wade through all that information and make an informed decision.  We're close though!  Very close.

We hope to have final vendor recommendations ready in the next few weeks and that installations can get started very very soon.

You've probably heard, but it's worth mentioning the tremendous support that's coming to help this project....

  1. Green Energy Act means barriers to installation and market obstacles for renewable energy are coming down.
  2. The Standard Offer Program (RESOP) is now being called the Feed In Tariff (FIT) program and we're lobbying for the rate to be raised from $0.42 to $0.80 for solar PV 
  3. The Federal government just announced a dramatic increase in the ecoEnergy rebate for Solar Thermal systems - up from $500 to $1250!  We're hoping the province matches that committment.

Get ready for it - it's going to be a great summer for household renewable energy!

Stay tuned for more developments on the RISE Again project coming soon.


Request for Proposals Released

08 Feb 2022

Attention Vendors and Suppliers of Domestic Solar Hot Water and Solar Photovoltaic Systems

This is an open call for Project Proposal responses in order to be considered for participation in the RISE Again community project.
The details of the request for proposals are available for download here.  If you are responding to BOTH requests, please do so separately and ensure you follow the individual requirements outlined in each request.

It is recommended that if you plan on responding to this RFP, you register such intent by emailing: [email protected].  By doing so you will be informed of any updates, questions and status notices relating to this RFP process.



Solar in 2009

13 Jan 2022

First off, let me offer some personal Happy New Year wishes to everyone. Someone told me the other day that we're too far into January to still be saying that. I haven't been in touch for awhile, so I think it's still appropriate.  It's going to be a great year for solar and a great year for RISE Again!

Steering Committee Participation Call

We had a great, involved and eager steering committee to help organize summer events and draft our Request for Proposals.

This winter we'll need volunteers to help organize more community out-reach and evaluate the responses we get from vendors.

If you're interested in participating as a member of the Steering Committee this winter, please let me know: [email protected]

We're looking for people with a range of experience and backgrounds whether it's technical, planning, translating, advocating or even baking!

What's Next?

  • Let's get some momentum back!
  • Additional winter workshops and community meetings being scheduled for February and March with a similar format and content to the summer meetings.
  • Restart regular steering committee meetings as soon as the end of January.
  • Evaluate vendors who respond to a Request for Proposals to be released soon.
  • Get some solar systems installed this spring!

A lot of people have been patiently waiting and wondering how to get a solar system for their house.  Your support and interest is fantastic!  We're looking forward to getting our RISE Again group ramped up for spring installations.

What's Been Going On?

As I mentioned, it's been awhile since there's been an update from RISE Again.  Let me quickly run down what has been happening since our busy summer season:

  • Building Permits -  there were issues were blocking us from moving forward and being able to easily get solar systems installed, but lots of work with the city has been happening to remove that barrier.  The result has had province-wide impact on this process.
  • RISE Again Request for Proposals - RFPs have been drafted and we're at the point of asking solar vendors to submit proposals to install systems for RISE Again participants.  Timing has been worked out with the Solar Neighbourhoods program and these RFPs will be released very soon.
  • Green Energy Act - policy makers have been busily working on some new legislation to help make renewable energy implementation a lot easier in Ontario.  A lot of the experience from RISE Again and other Our Power groups is being taken into consideration with this new act. More info:


Take a Virtual Solar Tour of Riverdale

23 Sep 2021

The Riverdale Solar Tour was a big success as part of the Solar Neighbourhoods Pool Party.  Click here to take the virtual tour yourself.


Solar Pool Party!

16 Sep 2021

Getting out in the community.
The Riverdale Initiative for Solar Energy (RISE Again) invites you to join the fun.

What: Solar Pool Party

Where: Jimmie Simpson Recreation Centre
870 Queen St. E - Click for map

When: Saturday September 20
That's this Saturday!

What's Happening

  • Informative workshops
  • Tours of neighbourhood solar installations
  • Product exhibits
  • Lots of kids activities
  • Solar ice cream making
  • Solar car races
  • Pool games

This is a free community even open to everyone. A free BBQ and refreshments are also available to help keep your energy up.

This event is being run by the Solar Neighbourhoods project. Please come talk to us at the RISE Again booth.

You can see the full schedule of events online at You can also pre-register for the Solar Neighbourhood Tours on the site.

Solar Tours go at 10:30 and 12:20.  Please pre-register on the Solar Neighbourhoods Website.

RISE Again Presentation - How Community Power Groups can Help You - 1pm

Know anyone in Riverdale?  Get them out to this event!  RISE Again will be giving a community power presenation at 1pm.

Volunteer Call - If you can help out this weekend, please email [email protected].  Thanks!


Quick Question - How interested are you?

31 Aug 2022

I hope everyone is enjoying the good, sunny weather we've been enjoying lately.
RISE Again is very close to releasing our Request for Quotation to move our project ahead.
Before we do that, we have one quick question for you...

At this point, how interested are you in getting a solar system?

We need to collect responses from you for both kinds of solar systems that we're recommending:
•    Solar Thermal for Hot Water
•    Solar PV for Electricity
Please take 30 seconds to send us your response.

Click here to complete our two question survey.

Thanks for your continued interest in this initiative!


Spreading The Word

10 Aug 2022
>> Please help us spread the word.
We need to get this message out to our neighbours.
Print a few copies of these flyers and post them in suitable community locations. Of course, save paper and please don't print more than you need.
In your own way, please let your friends, colleagues and neighbours know about this project. Include a note with your community group. Point people to our website.

Community Information Meeting
Tuesday July 8th and Wednesday July 23rd

7 to 9 pm
Ralph Thornton Centre
765 Queen St. East

RISE Again is holding two community information meetings.

What's on the Agenda?

  • RISE Again
    The buying club process and how you can get involved.
  • Technology Overview
    How solar energy works.
  • Financial Details
    What's the return on my investment?
  • Solar Neighbourhoods
    RISE Again will participate in this program.
  • Question & Answers
    Ask about anything we didn't cover.

Steering Committee Meetings Continue

Attendance and participation is open to everyone.  The Steering Committee is a group of dedicated volunteers who organize the RISE Again project.

Next Meeting: Wednesday July 9.
138 Hamilton St

And then every other Wednesday following - EXCEPT JULY 23.

The Community Information Meeting listed above will supercede the Steering Committee Meeting on the 23rd.

It's really happening and really making a difference. Through Our Power, several communities are getting active and involved in renewable energy.


Next Steps...

10 Aug 2022

Thanks to everyone who has sent in inquiries, come to a meeting or read about this project and wanted to find out more! 

RISE Again is organizing a community buying group which will help people acquire some renewable energy for their home.

We are focussed on the Ward 30 area of Toronto.

RISE Again will participate in the Toronto Solar Neighbourhoods Initiative.  This program is offering rebates and financial support for the installation of Solar Hot Water systems.

If you want to purchase a Solar Hot Water system, there are two ways to proceed:

  1. On your own.
    Head on over to the Solar Neighbourhoods website and walk through the process of doing a self-assessment and choosing a system.

  2. As part of RISE Again.
    Sign up for our email list using the form on the right side of this page.  We'll keep you posted as the project proceeds.  The next event will be a couple of solar fair / townhall meetings in July to give you more information about the process and technology.

If you want to understand a bit more about how RISE Again works, this powerpoint presentation might help:

Checkout these links for some background information on Solar Technologies:


Request for Planning Committee Memebers

09 Aug 2022

RISE Again! - 19 April 2022

The Toronto Solar Neighbourhoods Initiative has been started by the city of Toronto as a pilot program for a city-wide renewable energy campaign.

RISE Again will participate in this pilot program by organizing a community group for any neighbours in Ward 30 interested in taking advantage of this program.

More information can be found on the website for the Toronto Atmospheric Fund.

The Toronto Solar Neighbourhood Initiative is specifically targetted at providing incentives for the installation of solar thermal hot water.

RISE Again will extend the offering of this program to include Solar PV systems for renewable electricity.

Requesting Neighbourhood Planning Committee Members

At this time RISE Again is soliciting interested neighbours to help with the organiziation of this initiative.  We will need a range of expertise on the committee - anyone interested in joining the Steering Committee for this project is encouraged to get in touch.

If you are interested in being involved on the planning committee, please use the contact form on the right side of this page to send us a note or get more information.

If you are a resident of Ward 30 who is interested in participating in the program as a purchaser, we can add your name to our email list at this point and send you more information as this initiative gets started in the coming weeks.  Please also use the contact form on the right side of this page.


- Scott Snowden

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