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Real Time Reporting on Real World Solar System Performance

Getting the most from your solar investment starts with knowing what real systems are producing in Ontario. Check out these results from Our Power residential members.

Debra Anthony Residence
2.5 KW system Day4 panels
2009 Production
Total - 2905 kwh
Per kilowatt - 1139 kwh
Sue Dexter Residence
3.0 KW system Sanyo panels
2009 Production
Total - 3380 kwh
Per kilowatt - 1127 kwh
Mike Brigham Residence
5.68 KW system Day4 &
Sanyo panels
2009 Production
Total - 6190
Per kilowatt - 1090 kwh

Benchmark Numbers from a Public School

Rawlinson Public School in West Toronto has a 1 KW system installed as an awning on the school with excellent, un-shaded, well-aligned solar exposure. The 2009 system produced 1160 kwh.

Working with Our Power gets you far more than just receiving an optimistic computer analysis based on questionable assumptions.

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Solar Potential Across Ontario (per installed kW)

City kWh/year
Thunder Bay 1226
Sault Saint Marie 1151
Ottawa 1198
Kingston 1193
Toronto 1161
Niagara Falls 1151
London 1152
Windsor 1209

Source: Natural Resources Canada, PV Potential and Solar Resource Maps of Canada

How Your Power Gets to the Grid

Sun hits the solar panels on your south-facing roof generating Direct Current (DC) electricity that flows to your inverter, which converts it to Alternating Current (AC) electricity for export through an export meter to the electrical grid. You receive 80.2 cents for every kwh you produce, and you buy electricity from the grid through your import meter for use in your home at the going electricity rate. The Our Power Wiki provides further more detailed information.

And you'll have a choice of cool online meters to show you all the money you are saving!

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Our Mission

Our Power's mission is to facilitate massive change and growth in homeowner solar energy. We are a Not-For-Profit organization partnered with all key stakeholders in the industry to ensure sound business principles, access and fairness to all.

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