Solar Benefits

By the Numbers

    System Production 1,139 kWh / kW / year Power Purchase Rate 80.2 cents / kWh System Performance Degradation 0.5% / year Utility Account Fees $5.25 / month Insurance 0.2% of System Cost Inflation 2%

Competitive Financial Returns

Solar is a long term, low risk investment. Here’s how a $20,000 solar investment compares with the market.

Low Risk Product Rate of Return Annual Pre-Tax Income
High-Interest Savings Account 3.15% $630
3 Year Non-Cashable GIC 3.40% $680
Low Cost Savings Bond 4.20% $840
2 kW Solar PV System 6.40% $1717

Yearly returns on Solar in this case are 8.5%, but the System depreciates, so the average return is corrected to 6.4%. Details.
Adapted from the Investor Education Fund website, established by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) available here.
Solar figures include operating costs and system payback, based on real costs and production numbers from the GTA.

Additional Benefits

  • Solar Income is Not Taxed for Over A Decade*
  • Solar Systems Generate Power for 40 Years

*Want more info on the costs and benefits of solar? Click here.

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By the Numbers

A 2kW system will offset 1.4 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to

  • 229 liters of gasoline
  • 1,943 km of driving
  • 163 acres of forest carbon caputre

Environmental Benefits

Generate Clean, Renewable Power

  • Solar electricity production generates no harmful emissions

Generate Your Power Where It's Used

  • Avoid the need for more transmission lines, which lose 5% of the power they carry

Offset Peak Demand

  • Solar generates power during peak hours where demand is otherwise met by coal and natural gas generation

By the Numbers

  • The new green economy in Ontario is expected to create 50,000 new jobs in the next 10 years.
  • 110 solar pioneers invested in solar with marginal economics and helped spur the Green Energy Act, which doubled their solar income

Social Benefits

Job and Wealth Creation in Ontario

  • Investing in your community by putting money back into your home and supporting Ontario products and labour

Walking the Walk

  • Decisive action by ordinary Ontarians has proven the best method for increasing the uptake of renewable power
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