Estill Energy

Estill Energy is a Guelph, Ontario-based company now servicing the Toronto market. We specialize in small solar installations, bringing sustainable living inventions to the market, and bringing books to publishers.

Solargy Solutions Inc.

Solargy Solutions is a full service provider of systems that convert solar energy to electricity that is fed into the electrical utility grid. We focus on enabling homeowners and businesses to take advantage of the generous government "Feed-In Tariff" rate


We believe that the best way to grow our business is through word of mouth and customer referrals. We treat every customer with the expectation that they will recommend us to their friends.

SolSmart Energy Solutions Inc.

Solsmart is dedicated to providing our customers with the best product, superior installation and we back it all up with a 2-year installation warranty on our workmanship in addition to normal manufacturer warranties. Let Solsmart show you the light.

Solera Sustainable Energies Company Limted

Solera empowers its green partners to confidently invest in cost-effective, clean, safe and proven sustainable energy technologies to help manage their energy costs, and at the same time contribute to preserving our planet’s environment

Eco Alternative Energy

We stand with our customers every step of the way to make the experience a positive one. No system is too small or large for us. We value and simply wish to earn your business.

Solar Logix

The combination of talented staff and dedication has made Solar Logix a solar industry leader in Ontario. Through our endeavors we will help build a more sustainable planet for the future.

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Our Mission

Our Power's mission is to facilitate massive change and growth in homeowner solar energy. We are a Not-For-Profit organization partnered with all key stakeholders in the industry to ensure sound business principles, access and fairness to all.

In Partnership With

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