Solera Sustainable Energies Company Limted

219 Dufferin Street, Suite 18C
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 1Y9

Years in Business 26

CANSIA Member Yes

Solera empowers its green partners to confidently invest in cost-effective, clean, safe and proven sustainable energy technologies to help manage their energy costs, and at the same time contribute to preserving our planet’s environment

Company Information

Company Name Solera Sustainable Energies Company Limted
Sub Contractors Used (if any)

Bernard Sigouin Contracting

South Light Design/Build
Location of Company Office 219 Dufferin Street, Suite 18C, Toronto, ON M6K 1Y9
# years in Business 25 years – since 1985
# years in business of providing Solar PV systems 19 years - since 1991
Size of Company (number of trained installers or subcontractors used) 12
Credentials of key individuals of company

Leonard Allen 

- Has lived in PV powered home since 1991.

- grid-tied PV systems design and training through Siemens in USA in mid 1990’s, and hands-on with megawatt scale rooftop projects in Germany in late 1990’s.

- Successfully patented a Solera solar powered product technology

- Founded the Solar Community Group concept in Canada with Greenpeace in 2000 under the banner “Solar Pioneers” and completed 25 grid-tied solar home installations utilizing micro solar grid-tie inverters from the Netherlands

- Executed the original RISE solar community initiative that has since spawned all subsequent community groups

- Invited member of the OPA’s Micro Generation Committee during development of the RESOP program and rules.

- past Vice President and Director, Canadian Solar Industries Association

- Advisory board member – Ontario Partnership for Innovation and Commercialization (headed by Ryerson University)

- Successfully developed Canada’s largest PV grid-tied project at the time for Toronto Hydro (36kW system) in 2004.

David Watts 

- Involvement in solar PV since early 2000’s.

- specializing in leading-edge PV  technology selection and application

- has managed rooftop assessment, design, procurement and deployment of more than 100 grid-tied PV generating projects over the last 4 years

- responsible for the development of a number of projects where the technology utilized made its Canadian debut

- David’s career is anchored by his surname!


Jonathan Brown

- Jonathan has extensive training in electrical safety including residential wiring and grounding and bonding techniques; he has worked closely with Solera employees for many years.

- has working at heights certificate and training in use of scissor lifts and zoom booms.

- John has been trained by senior Solera staff in various site assessment techniques, and utilizes analytical solar tools such as the solar pathfinder for determining optimal system layout.

- John is the key representative for GTA Our Power projects


Bernard Siguion

- Master Electrician and accredited contractor

- extensive knowledge of ESA and code requirements specific to grid-tied PV systems due to years of experience on Solera’s residential and commercial PV projects

- With respect to metering and utility grid- interconnection, Bernie’s expertise has been invaluable during the transition to a RESOP/FIT environment

- Continuously generates excellent Solera  customer feedback


Jeremy Hudspith

- Jeremy is the field project manager responsible for accurate and efficient execution of Solera’s projects.  He has fully managed many dozens of residential, industrial and commercial PV projects on all types of roofs, and he is expertly versed in the application of all Solera systems.

- Jeremy has extensive renovation and home building experience, including post and beam construction. He has performed home renovations according to GreenSaver recommendations, and understands energy efficiency and building envelope design. His sustainable energy experience includes photovoltaic installations management on flat and sloped roofs, solar thermal system installations, project consulting, and he has been trained at Bergey Windpower in Oklahoma for wind project site assessment, preparation and construction.

- Continuously generates excellent Solera customer feedback

# and examples of Solar PV systems installed

More than 200 grid-tied solar PV projects installed in Ontario since 1999, totaling over 600kW of on-line generation. Approximately 70% residential/30% commercial.


System sizes presently range from 200 watts (Solar Pioneers), to 100kW (commercial rooftop).


Array configurations include:

Sloped roof

Flat roof

Ballasted array

Low mass non-ballasted array

Roof integrated array (PVC membrane integration)

Residential PV roof tiles (project featured in Canadian Homes and Cottages magazine)

Tracking systems – single and dual-axis

Fixed ground arrays

Self-contained (specially designed and manufactured by Solera and utilized by entities such as the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, RCMP and private security firms.


Special features have included:

- Custom array racking assemblies

- Custom power conversion systems

- Special purpose backup power capabilities

- embedded communications for energy level monitoring and alerts

Description of Insurance Held

Each occurrence          $2,000,000

General aggregate       $5,000,000

Personal injury            $2,000,000

Tenants legal liability $500,000

WSIB paid on all staff

Current WSIB and insurance documentation held on file from all sub-contractors
Service Area Description Residential-Ontario; Commercial-Canada
List of References

David Ullrich


[email protected]

2.0 kW PV system; residential flat roof


Ron McKay (RISE project founder)


[email protected]

1.0 kW PV system 1999 and 2006


Susan Dexter

97 Willcocks Ave.


[email protected]

3kW PV system


Nola McConnan


[email protected]

1.0 kW PV system 2006

Mike Brigham


[email protected]


Jesse Kahn

111 Harbord Ave.


2 kW system


Richard Mash

Ag Energy Co-operative


10kW PV; commercial rooftop, 2006


Terry Britton, Manager Distribution Services, Veridian Corporation

905- 427-9870 Ext. 2207

8kW PV; commercial rooftop ballasted system; automotive solar, 2005, 2006, 2007

What is included in a “turnkey” offering and how you will serve the market Solera’s offering is that of a complete code approved project with management at all levels, and throughout the process.  The property owner is not left with tasks to complete on their own that would be necessary for completion of the project; such as dealing with the ESA, the utility company and the OPA.  Solera manages every step, from initial site review, to acquisition of the necessary permits, to project financing, full construction, performance confirmation, and ongoing maintenance as desired by the Owner.
Customer service statement that outlines your commitment to providing homeowners with a positive experience and quality service

Solera became successful in the marketplace many years before there was any financial incentive for solar PV.  We have achieved a leading position by working with our clients in a relationship that we liken to a partnership – our “Green Partners”. Accordingly, our efforts have not been focused solely on deriving maximum profit from a project; rather, we prefer to focus on delivering the maximum overall value while working to strengthen the deployment of renewables on a broader scale. Our long-term vision has always been to responsibly build a business that will have a permanent position in the marketplace, and that will deliver increasing value to all of its stakeholders, including our green partners, and to society at large through increased deployment of renewables.  The value delivered is multi-faceted and is represented by social, environmental, financial and philosophical elements.



“Solera empowers its green partners to confidently invest in cost-effective, clean, safe and proven sustainable energy technologies to help manage their energy costs, and at the same time contribute to preserving our planet’s environment”.


We believe it is important to state that our business is not predicated on the FIT program; were the program to be terminated, we will continue, business as usual, in accordance with our long-term vision.

Information on Financing Options

Finance Company Financing is available.  We will be pleased to review the details with our clients.
Details of Financing Variable rate - presently at 4%, up to $25k unsecured, $50k with security, 15 year amortisation

System Information

Details on the PV panels and inverters used

Suntech STP series.  D-series shipping starting in June and available in an all black configuration ideal for residential project aesthetics.

High conversion efficiency up to 15.3%; guaranteed -0 to +5 watts output tolerance; industry leading four-step 25 year power warranty


Sovello T Series.  Highest quality German manufactured modules. 

String ribbon technology results in 50% less Silicon being utilized per watt as compared to competitive modules. Shortest energy amortization period in the industry = lowest carbon footprint.


Low voltage allows long series strings, minimizing wiring junction and labour costs.

Guaranteed -0 to +2.5% output tolerance.

Solera is the Canadian representative and distributor for this German brand.


Inverters: Xantrex GT series and SMA SB series.  SMA is now our preferred inverter due to their past product reliability, performance and Ontario manufacturing strategy.

How your system offering meets the microFIT Ontario Content provisions for 2010 In accordance with the published MicroFIT local content rules, Solera’s systems meet the requirement for 2010.  All labour, electrical components and mounting hardware is Ontario sourced.  Our strategy is in place for meeting 2011 local content requirements.
Expected production from your system combinations in kwh per installed KW for Toronto on a 30 degree sloped roof with due south orientation

Professional level AC energy simulation results for Toronto are shown below and are based on an optimal installation.


1,213 kWh/kWp first year, based on sample Suntech 3.6kW array, SMA SB3000 inverter


1,209kWh.kWp first year, based on sample Sovello 3.61kW array, SMA SB3000 inverter


Soiling losses included are:

Dec, Jan, Feb 10%

All other months 5%


Solera has system performance data on file from many of its long-term operating projects and will be pleased to share this data.


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