Eco Alternative Energy

105 Vanderhoof Ave., Unit 7
Toronto, On
M4G 2H7

Years in Business 11

CANSIA Member Yes

We stand with our customers every step of the way to make the experience a positive one. No system is too small or large for us. We value and simply wish to earn your business.

Company Information

Company Name Eco Alternative Energy
Sub Contractors Used (if any) Electrical & engineering as required
Location of Company Office

We have 4 locations to happy to serve you:


Please call ahead to book an appointment with a Solar Specialist


 Toronto & GTA

105 Vanderhoof Ave, Unit 7

Toronto, ON, M4G 2H7




675 The Queensway, Unit A

Peterborough, ON, K9J 7J6




1093 John Counter Blvd.
Kingston, Ont., K7K 6C7
v: 613-541-1291

Sharbot Lake

24719 Highway 7
Sharbot Lake, Ont., K0H 2P0
v: 613-279-1076

# years in Business 10
# years in business of providing Solar PV systems 4
Size of Company (number of trained installers or subcontractors used) 11
Credentials of key individuals of company

PV Systems Design & Installtion Environmental Board Repersentation

Commercial PV Design

Specification & Planning

Enerworks Authorized Installer

Deger Authorized Installer

Bachalor of Commerce
# and examples of Solar PV systems installed

Over 100 installtions 10 kW’s and under

Roof Mount, Ground Mount and Pole Mounted systems

We serve Rural and Urban communities
Description of Insurance Held $2,000,000.00 Liability including Third Party Bodily Injury, Personal Injury, and Property Damage
Service Area Description GTA and South Eastern Ontario
List of References We are happy to provide references prior to you making any final decision.  Please call us today to get started.
What is included in a “turnkey” offering and how you will serve the market All required permits, including building & electrical, inspections,  plus all OPA/LDC paperwork
Customer service statement that outlines your commitment to providing homeowners with a positive experience and quality service

We will happily design, and install a Solar system based on your needs and budget.  We stand with our customers every step of the way to make the experience a positive one. No system is to small or large for us

We understand how an investment like this can be a little overwhelming which is why we welcome you to come into our showroom and review the Solar options available to you.

We value and simply wish to earn your business.

Information on Financing Options (if applicable)

Finance Company TD Bank
Details of Financing
Up to $50,000 available unsecured in either variable or fixed rates /up to ten year amortization
Credentials of the Company Major Canadian Bank

System Information

Details on the PV panels and inverters used

We carry the following Quality Panels

·      Canadian Solar Inc

·      Sanyo

·      Sunpower

·      Sharp

·      Sun Tech

·      Schuco

·      Conergy

·      Solyndra

·      Enphase microinverters

·      SMA Sunnyboy

·      Power One

·      Selectria


How your system offering meets the microFIT Ontario Content provisions for 2010 We certify that all of our installed systems meet Ontario Content Provisions and would be happy to provide you with a certificate for your Solar system once installed
Expected production from your system combinations in kwh per installed KW for Toronto on a 30 degree sloped roof with due south orientation

Roof Mount Systems using Enphase  micro-inverters


2.2 kW system = 2,726 kWh’s per annum for $18,488.45 + tax (ROI = 11.2%)


3.3 kW system = 4,089 kWh’s per annum

for $25,682.88 + tax (ROI = 12.1%)


4.4 kW system = 5,452 kWh’s per annum

for $31,804.64 + tax (ROI = 13.1%)


5.5 kW system = 6,815 kWh’s per annum

for $39,082.97 + tax (ROI = 13.3%)


7.7 kW system = 9,540 kWh’s per annum

for $52,325.66 + tax (ROI = 13.9%)


11.4 kW system =14,125 kWh’s per annum for $72,427.74 + tax (ROI = 14.9%)


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Our Mission

Our Power's mission is to facilitate massive change and growth in homeowner solar energy. We are a Not-For-Profit organization partnered with all key stakeholders in the industry to ensure sound business principles, access and fairness to all.

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