The Value and Challenges of Solar

Going solar has economic and environmental value – there are even
philosophical and political reasons why you may want to become
a renewable energy generator in Ontario. Whatever your reasons
might be, below are a few opportunities and challenges as we see
them currently in the solar market in Ontario.


􏰀 You can become an energy generator – not just an energy consumer.

􏰀 You can be certain that the resale value of your home will increase, because your home can
now generate a portion of its own energy – this is certainly an asset.

􏰀 Solar energy generation is a local solution to help reduce air pollution
and increase your energy security.

􏰀 You can reduce your demand for natural gas, oil or electricity.

􏰀 Feed-in tariffs, rebates and grants are currently available through the provincial and federal government.

􏰀 This is a great time to support your local green economy through solar installation services and
purchase of product.

􏰀 Ontario’s Green Energy Act presents a number of opportunities for funding, financing and streamlining the process to make it easier to successfully install a system.

􏰀 You have an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to conservation and the environment.

􏰀 Ontario gets a lot of sun, similar to Miami.


􏰀 Initial investment is required – solar energy systems are not yet inexpensive.

􏰀 Paybacks are long and there is a lack of available fi nancing.

􏰀 Paperwork is necessary – building permits, safety inspections and audits are required
for various systems and these requirements can add time and costs to your
installation process.

􏰀 Permit requirements may vary by municipality and present a barrier by confusing both
consumers and installers.

􏰀 It can be diffi cult to screen or select an experienced and qualified installer.

􏰀 Solar is still new for many municipalities and utilities and there remains some uncertainty
over regulations and guidelines.


Our Mission

Our Power's mission is to facilitate massive change and growth in homeowner solar energy. We are a Not-For-Profit organization partnered with all key stakeholders in the industry to ensure sound business principles, access and fairness to all.

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