Toronto - RISE Again

There's Never Been A Better Time To Go Solar!

01 Apr 2022

RISE Again had an unprecedented total of 12 vendors respond to the RFP with a combined total of 41 different PV or Solar Thermal systems for consideration!

FIT Program:
$0.80 / kwh

ecoEnergy SDHW Rebate:
$1250 from the Federal Gov

Needless to say, it has taken some time to wade through all that information and make an informed decision.  We're close though!  Very close.

We hope to have final vendor recommendations ready in the next few weeks and that installations can get started very very soon.

You've probably heard, but it's worth mentioning the tremendous support that's coming to help this project....

  1. Green Energy Act means barriers to installation and market obstacles for renewable energy are coming down.
  2. The Standard Offer Program (RESOP) is now being called the Feed In Tariff (FIT) program and we're lobbying for the rate to be raised from $0.42 to $0.80 for solar PV 
  3. The Federal government just announced a dramatic increase in the ecoEnergy rebate for Solar Thermal systems - up from $500 to $1250!  We're hoping the province matches that committment.

Get ready for it - it's going to be a great summer for household renewable energy!

Stay tuned for more developments on the RISE Again project coming soon.