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19 May 2022

Upcoming Community Events

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In this note we're announcing a few important dates for you to come out and learn more about how to get started with a solar installation.

A Solar Affair in Withrow Park Saturday May 23: 10am - 1pm Withrow Park (Click for Map)

The Toronto Solar Neighbourhoods Initiative is hosting
"A Solar Affair in Withrow Park".  Come drop by the RISE Again table. Meet and talk to our recommended vendors Solar Ontario and Sun Volts to learn more about their systems.

RISE Again Vendor Information Nights
Wednesday June 3: 7-9pm
Tuesday June 9: 7-9pm
Ralph Thornton Centre (Upstairs)
765 Queen St East (Click for Map)

Both nights will be the exact same format.  This will be an opportunity for Solar Ontario and Sun Volts to present the details and pricing for their systems.

Installation Sign-up

  • Sign-up sheets will be available on the website soon.
  • Sign-up sheets will be available at ALL of the above sessions also.

What will be the price of the systems?

This information will be released as soon as we have it.  The final system pricing is still being confirmed for the solar hot water systems.
  • Backflow Prevention -  One of the hurdles that the RISE Again steering committee has been working through is the requirement for Solar Hot Water systems to have backflow prevention devices.  This is a new requirement and as such the pricing for these components and the required inspection are still being sorted out.

Green Energy Act Becomes Law

  • Green Energy Act - The Green Energy Act became a law on May 14, 2009. This important piece of legislation paves the way for dramatic increases to the subsidies available for Solar.  Proposed rates for generating electricity with a solar system are now at $0.80 / kilowatt-hour.  These rebates still need to be approved, but are anticipated to be available very soon. More info:

Additional Links of Interest

RISE Again

18 May 2022

Important Dates for Community Events

  • May 23: 10am-1pm (Withrow Park)
  • June 3: 7-9pm
    (Ralph Thornton Centre)
  • June 9: 7-9pm
    (Ralph Thornton Centre)

What's In This Email?

  • Upcoming Community Events
  • Installation Sign-up
  • What will be the price of the systems?
  • Green Energy Act Becomes Law

What's Next?

  • Come out to a community meeting.
  • Stay tuned for Sign-up to start (very soon)!

Solar Neighbourhoods

RISE Again is working in cooperation with the Toronto Solar Neighbourhoods project pilot program in Ward 30.

More information:

What if I DO NOT LIVE in Ward 30?

Participation with RISE Again is NOT limited to the Ward 30 area.  Both Solar Ontario and Sun Volts are happy to provide service to anyone.

Certain financial incentives for Solar Hot Water are available to residents of Ward 30 through the city's pilot program.

However, recent increases in Federal and Provincial rebates provide a very compelling situation for EVERYONE to get a Solar Hot Water System.

Additional increase in the rebate for Solar PV systems are available across the province for anyone installing Solar electric systems.

There's never been a better time to get solar system!


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