Toronto - RISE Again

Request for Planning Committee Memebers

09 Aug 2022

RISE Again! - 19 April 2022

The Toronto Solar Neighbourhoods Initiative has been started by the city of Toronto as a pilot program for a city-wide renewable energy campaign.

RISE Again will participate in this pilot program by organizing a community group for any neighbours in Ward 30 interested in taking advantage of this program.

More information can be found on the website for the Toronto Atmospheric Fund.

The Toronto Solar Neighbourhood Initiative is specifically targetted at providing incentives for the installation of solar thermal hot water.

RISE Again will extend the offering of this program to include Solar PV systems for renewable electricity.

Requesting Neighbourhood Planning Committee Members

At this time RISE Again is soliciting interested neighbours to help with the organiziation of this initiative.  We will need a range of expertise on the committee - anyone interested in joining the Steering Committee for this project is encouraged to get in touch.

If you are interested in being involved on the planning committee, please use the contact form on the right side of this page to send us a note or get more information.

If you are a resident of Ward 30 who is interested in participating in the program as a purchaser, we can add your name to our email list at this point and send you more information as this initiative gets started in the coming weeks.  Please also use the contact form on the right side of this page.


- Scott Snowden