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RISE Again Vendor Recommendations

28 Apr 2022

RISE Again Vendor Selection is Complete

RISE Again is pleased to announce that the following vendors have been invited to partner with us on our community solar project:

Solar PV: Sun Volts Unlimited

Solar Hot Water: Solar Ontario Ltd.

Both vendors were chosen based on the collective decision of the steering committee and among other criteria, they were evaluated based on system price, capacity to install, system type, location and interest shown towards working with a community group.

Pricing and project planning details will be announced shortly.

Next Steps

  • Pricing and system information will be released soon - stay tuned
  • Community Meetings will be announced in May to provide more information
  • Sign-ups will start at the same time as the community meetings happen

We want to coordinate the sign-ups and installation schedules, so for now please don't contact the vendors directly.

Special Thanks

There was a tremendous response to our Request for Proposals and I'd like to thank all the vendors who took the time and showed interest in responding.

Additionally, I'd like to thank the members of the steering committee who were involved in this selection process: Susan Crofts, Gord Fraser, Gord Dimitrieff, Ian Small, Claudia Duggan, Ken Traynor