DOWN-TO-EARTH Solar Power Inc. Profile

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DOWN-TO-EARTH SOLAR POWER INC. - Vendor Partner Profile


Company Information

Sub Contractors Used (if any)Various as required
Location of Company Office112 Castlewood Rd., Toronto, ON M5N 2L4
# years in Business4
# years in business of providing Solar PV systems4
Size of Company (number of trained installers or subcontractors used)6
Credentials of key individuals of companyMark Ogilvie
CanSIA Domestic Hot Water Training
Manfacturers training from
- Home Energy
- Viessman
- Calleffi
- Thermomax
- Sunny Boy Pro
- Xantrex
- Sharp
- Enerworks
- Matrix Energy

Peter Mistelbacher
Conditional CanSIA DHW Certificate
Manufacturers training from
- Home Energy
- Viessman
- Thermomax
- Calleffi
- Xantrex
- Sharp
- Enerworks

Bharat Desai, FCA
London School of Economics
30 Years at Ontario Hydro
# and examples of Solar PV systems installed3 grid-tie systems, one with battery back-up
2 off-grid trailers, 1 kW of panels each and battery storage
Description of Insurance Held$5 Million General Liability
Service Area DescriptionGreater Toronto Area
List of ReferencesKobi Ofir
Dave Fielder
John Horodnyk
Jennifer Argles
What is included in a “turnkey” offering and how you will serve the marketOur turnkey PV systems include a shade analysis RETScreen report, all electrical and building permits, help with the microFIT application, 1 year warranty on labour and the manufacturers warranties 10-25 yrs.
Customer service statement that outlines your commitment to providing homeowners with a positive experience and quality serviceWe believe that the best way to grow our business is through word of mouth and customer referrals. We treat every customer with the expectation that they will recommend us to their friends.


Information on Financing Options (if applicable)

Finance CompanyTD Canada Trust
Details of FinancingFinancing of residential PV systems of up to $50,000 at competitive market rates
Credentials of the CompanyChartered Canadian Bank
Key ContactDon Cooper -416-816-3976


System Information

Details on the PV panels and inverters usedWe deal with many brand names including Sanyo, Sharp, Shuco and Suntech for panels and Sunny Boy and Xantrex for inverters plus others. Systems are customized to the home
How your system offering meets the microFIT Ontario Content provisions for 2010All racking made in Ontario. Balance of system purchased in Ontario. Installed usting Ontario labour
Expected production from your system combinations in kwh per installed KW for Toronto on a 30 degree sloped roof with due south orientationWe would expect 1161 kWh's of production per installed kW of solar panels

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Our Mission

Our Power's mission is to facilitate massive change and growth in homeowner solar energy. We are a Not-For-Profit organization partnered with all key stakeholders in the industry to ensure sound business principles, access and fairness to all.

In Partnership With

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