Get an ecoENERGY Audit

An ecoENERGY audit will enable you to access provincial
and federal incentives for solar water heaters. Here’s how:

1. Book a Home Energy Assessment (pre-retrofi t).
This audit will evaluate the energy effi ciency of your entire
home, from basement to attic. The audit will identify leaks
and will test your insulation, windows, furnace and hot
water tank for effi ciency. You will receive a customized and
detailed report that will indicate how your home performed
in terms of energy effi ciency and make recommendations
on what retrofi ts and improvements are needed to improve
your home’s energy effi ciency.

A fee payment (usually $300) will be required to
ensure a thorough ecoENERGY audit. To fi nd a local
certifi ed ecoENERGY auditor, search by your local postal
code at: www.oee.nrcan.gc.ca/residential/personal/new-

2. Select and install your solar water heating system within
18 months of your pre-retrofit audit. Once your renovations
are complete, contact your ecoENERGY auditor to schedule
your post-retrofit verification audit.

3. Complete your Home Energy Assessment (post-retrofit
verification). The home energy advisor will complete your
application to receive your provincial and federal grants.
Depending on the upgrades that have been made in your
home, you could be eligible for a total of $2,500 in rebates
for your new solar water heater system.

Solar Water Heating System 􏰀 $4,000* to $8,000

􏰀 Pre-retrofit Assessment 􏰀 approx. $300
􏰀 Post-retrofit Assessment (verification) 􏰀 approx. $150
􏰀 Building permit 􏰀 (varies by municipality)

􏰀 Ontario Home Energy Assessment rebate 􏰀 $150
􏰀 Ontario RST rebate 􏰀 varies
􏰀 Ontario grant 􏰀 $1,250
􏰀 Federal grant 􏰀 $1,250


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