Toronto - WISE

Winter 2009 Update

24 Feb 2022

The 2008 installation season was successful on the solar PV front as we pushed our total installs to 34 systems totalling 73.24 KW. But on the solar hot water front it was a frustrating season as we were stalled waiting for building permits from the City of Toronto and we have over 20 families still waiting for their installation approvals.  Greensaver has done a  yeoman's service working with engineers to get the approvals from the City and we have verbal assurances now our design solution is acceptable.  Stay tuned for updates as we negotiate the challenges of City Hall.

On an optimistic note the Ontario Government introduced its long awaited Green Energy Act on Monday February 23rd. The Act creates the opportunity for the Minister of Energy to direct the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to develop an "attractive" tariff level for solar PV.  Reports suggest he will initiate a consultation through the OPA in the next three weeks to determine an appropriate Tariff level for roof top solar.  Rumours suggest they understand it has to be increased significantly in order to get the kind of uptake they would like.  They also talk about a "best in class" Feed in Tariff which means they should be looking at an inflation adjusted tariff too.  There is also a reference to providing zero or low interest loans for solar and energy efficent upgrades to homes but no details yet. Finally it looks like the Federal government tax credit for home renovations included in the January Federal Budget will cover solar systems as well so that would add a further tax credit to the mix.  So lots of good news on the solar frontand we should begin to have more clarity over the next couple of months. 

We will be reinvigorating the WISE Project once there is some certainity with the numbers so check back often and keep an eye out for an email from us.