Toronto - WISE

WISE Project 2009 is Launched

25 Jun 2022

The meeting on June 22nd went great and we have a number of people signed up all ready for installations including Councillor Joe Mihevc.  The 2009 pricing information is posted on the Downloads Section on this webpage - see below on the right.  If you are ready to have a system installed download the sign up sheet  and the self Assessment sheet.  Do the self assessment to ensure you are solar ready and then fill out the sign up sheet and either email it to us, fax it or drop it off at the address listed on the sheet.  If you still have questions send me an email with your questions and I will help you get answers or arrange a time to talk by phone if that is better.

Our vendor representative for ARISE Technologies  is Jerry Austin  - [email protected] and to contact Greensaver send an email to [email protected]

The new Feed in Tariff program details should be out soon confirming the FIT residential solar PV price of $0.802 per kwh.  The average production from a 2 KW system in Toronto is 2200 kwh per year which would generate 2200 x .802 = $1764 of income per year.   You can take a look at the performance of our systems by checking out the on-line data from Debra Anthony's system: