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WISE Project 2007 Report

10 Aug 2022

The West Toronto Initiative for Solar Energy (WISE) is a community-led renewable energy project to organize the bulk purchase of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Hot Water (SHW) systems by residents of West Toronto. As of Dec/07 we had 46 systems installed and another 40 scheduled for installation as soon as the weather permited in spring/08. The project demystifies solar technology, simplifies product research and the purchase decision, creating the opportunity for participants to decrease their personal environmental footprint while contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Toronto.

The numbers were impressive. WISE 2007 had 160 requests for home site evaluations. Only 14 homes proved unsuitable for an installation. Of the remaining 146 homes, 86 systems were ordered as of December 1/07 and we hope many more will commit come spring 2008. Participants are  investing  more than $160,000 for 60 solar hot water systems installed by Globe Solar Energy and $570,000 for 26 solar electric systems, totalling 57 Kilowatts of capacity, installed by ARISE Technologies. And these systems are already having an impact displacing natural gas or feeding electricity to the grid reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions in Toronto. But much more needs to be done. 

If you want to view some of the 2007 installations click on the links below for Web Albums of some Solar thermal installations and some of the PV sites. There is also a link to an excellent Map with our installation sites on it.  And we have made our original RFP document available for people who may be planning their own Solar Initiative.  Finally we have a link to an excellent presentation about the WISE Solar Project and the Downtown West Solar Project which David Booz and Ken Traynor made to the CANSIA National Solar Conference in November 2007.  Check it out.  It is the best summary of our projects, warts and all, that is available.  We hope you find the information useful.

View our presentation to the CANSIA 2007 National Solar Conference click on the David Booz et al presentation

View a Web Album of some WISE Project Solar Hot Water Installations

View a Web Album of some WISE Project Solar PV Installations

View a Map of our 2007 WISE project Installation Sites

Original WISE Project 2007 Request for Proposals Document


                WISE Project 2007 Installation Sites
Brief WISE Project Chronology/History
  • June – Sep./06 Three public recruitment meetings
  • Nov/06 - Standard Offer Program (SOP) announced
  • January – April/07 - RFP development
  • May 1 circulation of RFP by OSEA and CANSIA
  • May 24 to June 7 - vendor selection
  • June 14 website updated with solar information kit, prices and web links to the two winning contractors, ARISE and Globe Solar
  • June 14 Solar information email sent to 300+
  • June 19 first Solar information night with vendors 150 attended generating 72 home visit requests.
  • July 5 first Solar Hot Water installation completed
  • July 11 second Solar info night staged increasing request for home evaluations to 111
  • July 15 first PV array installation completed
  • July 16 first SOP contract application submitted
  • July 20 closure of eligibility for vendor discounts based on confirmed sales. Registration now 145
  • Both ARISE and Globe Solar hire local residents as representatives to accelerate participant contact
  • September 17 first 11 SOC issued, Oct 1st 9 more
  • September 26 first dual meter base and inverter installed
  • November 14th first PV system hooked up to the grid!
  • March 4th WISE Solar fair starts Phase 2

Please circulate information about the WISE Project to any friends, neighbours or colleagues you feel would be interested.

Help make WISE the largest residential solar project in Canada.

If you have questions email [email protected] and put WISE Question in the Subject line.


West Toronto Initiative for Solar Energy