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WISE Project 2009 Launches Monday, June 22nd 7 - 9 PM

07 Jun 2022

Upcoming WISE Project 2009 Launch

WISE 2009 Solar Information Night
Monday, June 22: 7- 9pm

St. Matthews United Church (corner of St Clair West and Rushton Road)
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Come out and hear a Project Update and meet with our vendors ARISE Technologies for Solar PV and Greensaver for Solar Hot Water. They will both have displays and systems for you to inspect.

There has never been a better time to go solar and whittle down your carbon footprint! 

The Government of Ontario has increased the Feed In Tariff rate for residential solar to 80 cents per kwh from 42 cents.  The increase makes a solar system an excellent investment with a guaranteed 20 year return.

And both the Government of Ontario and Natural Resources Canada have increased their incentives on solar hot water systems so you now receive $2500 off the price.

What will be the 2009 price of the systems?

We hope to release the information on system pricing next week after we get final confirmation on Building Permit costs and the release of the Residential FIT program rules. Keep an eye out for an email from us next week or come out on the 22nd and hear it first hand.

Green Energy Act Becomes Law

Green Energy Act - The Green Energy Act became a law on May 14, 2009. This important piece of legislation paves the way for dramatic changes to our electricity system and should significantly increase the amount of renewable energy in Ontario.  More info:

Additional Links of Interest

WISE Project

6 June 2022

Strawberries & Asparagus Festival 2009

When:  June 20th

11AM - 5 PM

Where: Cedarvale Park

 A celebration of local food, solar energy, and public green space.

What's Next?

Visit the WISE Booth and our vendors at Strawberries & Asparagus

Stay tuned for an email next week

Come to the Solar Informatrion Night on June 22nd

Go Solar in 2009


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