Ontario - Thornhill Solar

Ontario - Thornhill Solar

Phase 2 of Thornhill Solar Initiative Underway

30 May 2022

Dear Thornhill Solar participant,

Thanks for your interest in Solar Energy.  We are ready to move on to Phase 2 of the project.  As you will have heard the Province of Ontario Green Energy and Economy Act has been passed and the Ontario Power Authority is finalizing the Solar PV tariff rates to be paid.  The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) reports that they will have the final FIT program rules and confirmed pricing to release in early June.  Their second draft price for residential solar PV, released on May 12th, was kept at 80.2 cents per kwh.  We will send you details as soon as that happens. 

The Federal and Provincial Governments have also significantly increased their incentives for Solar Hot Water under the Eco Energy program and you now can receive $2500 of incentives for installing a solar hot water system. You must have an Eco Energy home audit done to access these incentives. We will be meeting with the Town of Markham soon to finalize details about any Building Permit requirements for either solar PV or solar hot water installations.

Phase 2 of the project is aimed at working with people who are ready to buy either a solar PV or solar hot water system and begin discussions with vendors.  

Step 1 - Please download and complete either the solar PV (click here for PV) or solar hot water (click here for SHW) self assessments, or both, and return the form to us by June 15th. You can send the completed forms to us by email to [email protected], by fax to 416-977-2157.

Step 2 – Join the vendor evaluation committee. We will be engaging vendors, evaluating proposals and organizing an evening of vendor presentations for the buying group.

Step 3 – The Group makes a final vendor selection decision and moves forward with installations.

So please complete the attached solar self-assessment and send it to us now.  There has never been a better time to Go Solar.



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