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Ontario - Thornhill Solar

Sun Worship in Thornhill - going Solar

10 Aug 2022

Much has been spoken about the benefits of Solar Power, and few dispute its outstanding potential. Yet up till now it has been a rare entity, especially at the domestic level. But that is changing in a big way….

 A major solar initiative is underway in Thornhill. A group of concerned citizens in Thornhill has decided to “follow the sun.” Following the amazing publicity provided by the journal, “Canadian Geographic,” it became known that a similar project was successful in west end Toronto. A group of citizens banded together, researched the industry, its providers, the economic benefits and formed an organisation to arrange a bulk purchase of solar power systems for their homes. It was an unqualified success! 
Thornhill citizens have contacted these trailblazers and with their help we intend covering York Region with solar panels beginning in Thornhill! To stay informed and receive updates and notice of the meetings, please sign-up to our email list on this web page.

Here’s the plan:  In the spring there will be comprehensive information sessions for all interested homeowners, condominiums, and industry. All technical questions will be answered, financial considerations explained, arrangements with Powerstream (our local electrical utility) clarified as well as a full description of how this initiative will evolve from inception to completion. The sheer beauty of the process is that it has been done before by our friends in west end Toronto! It will be implemented simply, with all red tape, legal considerations, municipal stipulations, bid tendering etc, taken care of.

The objective is simple. Any Thornhill homeowner or business concern can invest in solar power with the process being fully researched, simple and painless as possible.

Specifics will be available at the public meetings, but here are a few considerations. And look at the other examples here on the Our Power website.

1)    You may choose to use the electricity generated by your panels. This reduces your electricity bill to the mandatory administrative charges from the power utility, plus any excess electricity you draw from the utility company. Any excess electricity your panels produce the utility company gladly accepts albeit with no payment.

2)    With the second option you may choose to provide the utility with the electricity your panels produce. For this you are paid 42c per kWh, guaranteed for the next 20 years. This is known as “The Standard Offer Contract” from the Ontario Power Authority.  The power your home/business uses you draw from the electricity pool. For this you pay the going rate per kWh – a whole lot less. You are thus a co-provider of electricity but you are paid a lot more for what you provide that what you consume.

3)    You may opt to piggyback batteries in your system to hold the power in reserve. This works well in an outage, but draws from your overall electricity production and costs more to install.

4)    Solar panels may be used to heat water rather than produce electricity. The payback is sooner and reduces your reliance on fossil fuels or natural gas to heat your water. This system does not produce electricity, but reduces your reliance on outside sources to heat your water.

In all cases you save money in the long run and reduce your environmental footprint!

In the weeks ahead we hope to introduce the public to everything they need to know. They will be able to make an educated decision on whether solar panels and their advantages would work for them.

The public meetings will serve to inform the public on everything they would want to know about this initiative, as well as ascertain a list of parties who would like to be included in this exciting project.

To be fast forwarded onto our Thornhill Solar Initiative list, enter your details in the WebForm on this page or contact Jonathan Maister at: [email protected]



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