Toronto - WISE

Toronto - WISE

WISE 2009 Solar Pricing Information Now Available

19 Jun 2022

Dear All --  We have posted the pricing information for the 2009 WISE Solar PV and Solar Hot Water Packages on the Downloads Section of our website (see below on the right for Downloads section).  Arise Technologies and Greensaver will be available at the WISE Solar Information night on Monday June 22nd at 7 PM at St. Matthew's United Church corner of St Clair West and Rushton Road.

With the Green Energy Act passed into Law and the proposed rates for the Feed in Tariff program ready to come into force, the solar investment picture for Ontario residents looks like this:

1.       Limited investment risk.

2.       Typical R.O.I. of 8-9% annually every year for 20 years, based on the 80.2 cent/kwh rate for solar in the FIT program. 

3.       Simple payback times for a typical residential system reduced to 10 to 12 years before interest costs.

4.       The 20-year contract is transferable on sale of the property. 

5.       No maintenance costs expected for at least 15 years. 

6.       Preferential tax treatment.  No tax payable on solar revenues while you depreciate the capital cost of the system. 

7.       Service life of the system 30 to 40+ years. 

8.       Long component warranties of 10-25 years.

9.       RST rebate of approximately 3.4% of the system price. PV systems installed on a principal residence are eligible for the new federal Home Renovation Tax Credit ($1,350). 

We have been told by Toronto Hydro that they will be announcing the microFit (residential) program rules on June 23rd.

And don't forget that this year Government grants and tax credits taken together are available to reduce the costs of owning a solar hot water system by $3100.

There has never been a better time to Go Solar.  See you Monday night.


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