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Toronto - WISE

WISE Project Update - Lots of Developments on the Solar Front in Ontario

13 Oct 2021

There have been major changes on the solar front in Ontario this month.  As you probably heard, the Ontario Government announced the details of its Feed in Tariff (FIT) program and its microFit Program for residential solar PV on September 24th.  They have already amended some of the details so it is important to check the OPA microfit website to be sure you have the most up to date information. The good news is they have simplified the application procedure and confirmed the price of 80.2 cents per kwh.  However, a key part of the Green Energy Act was to promote job growth in Ontario so they have included a substantial Ontario Domestic Content requirement - 40% in 2010 rising to 60% in 2011.  The contract holder will be required to ensure they have the documentation from their supplier verifying the Ontario content.  There is a detailed Domestic Content Grid available on the OPA microfit website. Our PV supplier Arise Technologies says they can provide systems today which meet the 40% domestic content threshold and will be able to meet the 60% content in 2011 as well.  If you are considering a solar PV system please contact WISE or ARISE so we can outline the changes and confirm  the details.  The 2009 packages have been altered and are no longer valid.

On the Solar Hot Water front there have also been developments.  Natural Resources Canada which manages the ecoEnergy grant program, announced that as of October 1st they would not be providing grants for smaller hot water systems such as those being installed under the WISE Project by Greensaver. Anyone who has completed a Home Energy Audit dated before September 30th can still obtain the grant. If you have already done an audit and want information on hot water systems contact Greensaver at [email protected]

The ecoEnergy program is still providing grants of $2500 for the installation of larger 6 m2 systems such as the Enerworks systems being installed under the Bullfrog/Enbridge program.  We regret this change because we feel the smaller systems meet a particular market niche for an inexpensive system to meet the needs of small urban families but our protests were not heeded.




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