Go Solar Guidebook

The Clean Air Foundation's Go Solar
program produced a guidebook, with
funding from the Ontario Ministry of
Energy and Infrastructure that gives
homeowners a background on solar
energy. To keep the guidebook current,
the Clean Air Foundation has agreed to
post the content here so that solar
stakeholders can continue to update it.

Click here for the original pdf version.


1. Introduction

1.1 So you want to Go Solar?

1.2 Is Solar Energy Right for Me?

1.3 The Value and Challenges of Solar

1.4 What the Government of Ontario is Doing to Help


2. Are we Solar Ready?

2.1 Your Solar Options

2.2 System Types - Solar Photovoltaic Systems

2.3 System Types - Solar Water Heaters

2.4 System Types - Solar Pool Heaters

2.5 Costs and Benefits

2.6 Testimonials from Ontario Solar Homeowners


3. How to Go Solar

3.1 Overview

3.2 Get an ecoENERGY Audit

3.3 Understand Your Energy Consumption

3.4 Required Permits, Approvals and Inspections

3.5 Choose an Installer

3.6 Learn About Bulk Buying

3.7 Talk to Your Local Utility


4. Planning Ahead- What is Available For Solar Homes?

4.1 Incentives and Rebates

4.1.1 Government Rebates for Solar Hot Water

4.2 Provincial Retail Sales Tax Rebate

4.3 Home Renovation Tax Credit

4.4 Feed-In Tariff for Photovoltaic Systems

4.5 Net Metering versus Standard Offer Contract

4.6 Challenges You May Run Into

4.6.1 Connecting to the Grid


5. Who to consult for Advice?

5.1 Resources

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