Ontario - Halton Region

Ontario - Halton Region

Proposed New Energy Prices for solar PV systems

13 Mar 2022

Yesterday the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) proposed that rooftop solar electricity producers be paid 80.2 cents per kWh of electricity that they produce under a long-term contract. This rate will apply to most residential photovoltaic systems.

This guaranteed-pricing structure is called a feed-in-tariff (FIT). The FIT program will replace the OPA's Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program that currently pays solar electricity producers 42 cents per kWh.

Proposed Feed-In Tariff Prices for Ontario Renewable Energy Projects
Technology Size of System Price Paid to Producer (¢/kWh)
Solar PV (Rooftop or Ground Mounted) ≤10 kW 80.2
Solar PV (Rooftop) >10 250kW 71.3
Solar PV (Rooftop)  >250 500 kW 63.5
Solar PV (Rooftop)  > 500 kW 53.9
Solar PV (Ground Mounted ) >10kW ≤ 10 MW 44.3

(Adapted from OPA, updated May 14, 2022) 

The OPA will be engaging in an eight-week consultation process with renewable energy stakeholders and general public information sessions before rates and details are finalized.

 Read more: http://www.powerauthority.on.ca/Page.asp?PageID=122&ContentID=6858&SiteNodeID=134&BL_ExpandID=

Notes: According to the OPA, the Government of Ontario is also expected to introduce low-cost financing for residential renewable energy projects as part of the Green Energy Act.


PV systems are also eligible for the Home Renovation Tax Credit of $1,350 until February 1, 2010.



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