Ontario - Halton Region

Ontario - Halton Region

Solar Tour III Sunday, November 1, 2021

20 Oct 2021

We are holding a Solar Tour on the afternoon of Sunday, November 1. This will be our last tour before the winter.

The new locations include a house with both PV and solar hot water heating systems in Oakville, a solar pool heating system in Oakville, and a large PV system west of Hamilton which also has geothermal on site. Our tours have been  mainly self-guided, but we would like to arrange carpooling to the PV/geothermal site since it is a bit of a distance outside of Halton.

Previously visited sites which are on the tour again are a large PV system near Acton and a solar pool system in Milton.

If you are interested in attending on Nov. 1, please send an email to [email protected] including:

a) where you are coming from, and

b) which systems you are interested in seeing.

We are not widely publishing the addresses of the homes on the tour, to respect the privacy of the homeowners. 



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