Ontario - Halton Region

Ontario - Halton Region

Halton Environmental Network Launches Residential Solar Project

11 Sep 2021

Greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming are a leading environmental concern at present. The Halton Environmental Network (HEN) plans to help reduce these emissions by providing homeowners in Halton with an incentive to produce green power. The project is known as the Halton Residential Solar Project (HRSP).

This project will see solar panels installed on homes throughout Halton. The target is a minimum of 50 homes. The incentive comes in the form of bulk buying discounts offered by the vendors for the opportunity to supply a large number of buyers. Both solar electric (photovoltaic panels) and solar thermal (water heating) options will be offered.  HEN has received bids back from vendors in response to an RFP and plans are moving ahead. Visit the HRSP website for more information.



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Our Power's mission is to facilitate massive change and growth in homeowner solar energy. We are a Not-For-Profit organization partnered with all key stakeholders in the industry to ensure sound business principles, access and fairness to all.

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